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The GB-4000 has the capability to sweep when running any of the 2000 programmable auto channels. The new channel sweep covers a variable range from 10 Hertz to 10,000 Hertz. If you are running a frequency of 2000 Hertz and decide that you want a to sweep 1000 Hertz then the sweep will start at 1500 Hertz and will end at 2500 Hertz. This sweep always covers the frequency range chosen with half the frequency range dropping below the targeted frequency or frequencies to half the range going above the targeted frequency or frequencies used. This type of sweep is desirable when you want variability in your frequency or frequencies you are running.
There are three main differences between the GB4000 and other frequency machines:
1. Frequency Range:  The GB4000 is designed to be able to actually produce all of the Frequencies that Dr. Rife used in is pioneering research.  The GB4000 on it's own has a frequency range up to 20 million cycles per second.  The GB4000 also has the ability to create an RF carrier signal and modulate lower frequencies onto that carrier like Dr. Rife did in his work.
2. Power output:  One of the big differences between the GB4000 and many other machines is the output power capability.  Because the GB4000 uses an RF carrier frequency, the GB4000 is almost 10 times more powerful than most other machines.  The GB4000 has a maximum power output of up to 2 watts.  With the SR-4 amplifier, the maximum output power increases to 10 watts, or up to 50 times more powerful than some other machines.  With the MOPA amplifier and the Plasma Tube Assembly, the maximum power output is up to 120 watts.
3. Ease of use.  The GB4000 is designed with the end user in mind.  It has a simple and intuitive user interface with a complete keypad so you can interact with the machine easily.  The GB4000 comes with over 800 chanels pre-programmed and ready for you to use, with room for you to add almost 1200 more.  The GB4000 also has the ability to output up to 8 audio frequencies simultaneously - which can be a big time saver if you are running a chanel with lots of frequencies.