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Refurbished M.O.P.A. Amplifier

Refurbished M.O.P.A. Amplifier

$2,395.00 SALE $2,295.00

We now have a Refurbished MOPA Amplifier available.  If you already have a GB4000 and want to add the MOPA, then this refurbished item may be just what you need. Save $345.00. 

This Refurbished MOPA is configured for 110V operation.  This item is ONLY the MOPA Amplifier.  Plasma Tube not included.

The MOPA amplifier was designed based on an in-depth analysis of the equipment used by the original frequency researchers.

Though it has been updated with modern electronics, it still uses the RF tank coil and 812a vacuum tube needed to produce the original analog sine wave and square wave output of the original equipment.

  • Includes the MOPA Amplifier
  • Hands-Free operation, non-contact frequency delivery
  • Only system on the market that can output the 1930s/1950s frequencies
  • Built-in frequency counter for easy configuration
  • Comes with full 1 year warranty