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MOPA Purchase Agreement

When purchasing the MOPA Amplifier or MOPA Combo pack, you will need to sign the MOPA Purchase Agreement as part of the purchase process.

We have created an easy electronic signature process to make the purchase agreement a quick and easy step in your purchase of the MOPA.  Below are some step-by-step instructions on how to sign the MOPA Purchase Agreement:

When you complete your order over the phone or via the online order system, we will send you an email requesting that you sign the MOPA purchase agreement.  You should see something like this in your email inbox:

Within the body of the email, Please click on the red "Review & Sign" button:

When you click on the "Review & Sign" button, you will be redirected to our document on the web site to manage your document review and sign process.  Review the document and click the "Start" button:

You will be directed to the bottom of the form where the signature field is.  Click on the "xSign" text in the signature field to sign the form:

You will be shown a pop-up window to select your signature.  Please select from one of the available signature styles.

And then click on the grey "Sign" button:

The rest of the fields will be pre-filled for you based on the information that you give us when you placed your order.  When you are returned to the form, click the "Finish" button.

The last step is to confirm that you agree to the document. Click the "I Agree" button in the confirmation pop-up:

You will see this confirmation page.   If you want, you can create your own eversign account to store your new document, but that is not required. Once you see this page, you are done!  No other actions are required. 

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