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Inverse Square Law

What is "Resonant Capacitive Coupling" and what does it have to do with plasma tube instruments?  Actually, it has nothing to do with the plasma tube range (30 feet or more).  Resonant Capacitive Coupling mostly deals with short distance wireless battery charging which is used with cell phone chargers and electric car batteries.  As defined in the dictionary:

"Resonant Capacitive Coupling also referred to as electric coupling, makes use of electric fields for the transmission of power between two electrodes (an anode and cathode) forming a capacitance for the transfer of power."

 Here are two videos which explain this concept in greater detail:

As you saw in the two videos above, scientists are using Capacitve Coupling for high power wireless chargers for electric vehicles.  But this method of power transfer can only be used within a very short distance.  The technology has not reached the point of being able to effectively couple more than a few inches.  Obviously Capacitive Coupling does not work over a distance  of many feet much less 30 feet or more.  If a plasma tube could really be used to transfer electrical frequencies or electrical power by Resonant Capacitive Coupling" scientists would have used plasma tubes a long time ago to charge batteries.

Scientists already know how plasma tube work and how the power transfer is governed by the "Inverse Square Law".  Anyone that uses any pllasma tube instrument should understand this law and how it works.  Again from the dictionary:

"The inverse-square law states that the power density of an electromagnetic wave is proportional to the inverse of the square of the distance from a point source."

Here are two videos that explain how the inverse square law works:

As you saw in the above videos, all electromagnetic waves such as radio, light, x-rays, sound, gravity, etc. are governed by the "Inverse Square Law."  Unlike other companies, we do not incorrectly claim that our plasma tube works on "Resonant Capacitive Coupling."  "Resonant Capacitive Coupling" is nothing but a "Red Herring" which misleads people into an incorrect understanding of how plasma tubes can have a 30 to 40 foot range.  The "Inverse Square Law" clearly shows how and why they can have a large range based on the power output from the plasma tube.  The original 1930's/1950's instruments clearly had this distance capability.

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